Refund Policy

T’s and C’s and Entry Cancellation Policy

Reference – Cape Point Challenge

Event date – 18th December 2021


In the event that a participating paddler needs to cancel their entry, the CPC organising committee requires written confirmation on or before the following dates to As most of the expenses incurred in staging this event are committed to in advance, refunds are only possible well in advance.

  • 50% refund – from 02 September to 01 October (applicable to all entries).
  • 25% refund – from 02 October to 30 October (applicable to all entries).
  • 0% –  from 01 November  (applicable to all entries).
  • Substitutions will be levied at 25% of the entry fee as at date of notification of substitute entry.
  • No deferrals – except in medical cases relating to non-musculoskeletal conditions where, in the opinion of your doctor, you are instructed not to paddle on health grounds. We will only accept medical certificates emailed directly to the organisation from your doctor. Certificates need to reach us by 15th December 2021. Deferrals will also be considered in the case of International Travel restrictions. A deferral is valid for 1 year only. Roll-over/ Deferral entries are valid for one year only and will be levied at 25% of the entry fee of the race you will be participating in.

In the event of inclement weather, economic, or any other external forces that are out of control of the race organisers, the organisers may decide to change the course to a safer alternative course or cancel the event entirely. Such a decision will only be made in the interest of participant safety. If the event is cancelled, no refunds will be possible.

CPC Organising committee 2021